I first fell in love with traditional calligraphy several years ago - spending dozens of hours spent putting pen to paper and finding serenity in the rows of graceful letters. Now, I specialize in custom digital and spot calligraphy. Merging the elegance of hand lettering and the flexibility of modern technology, I create refined calligraphy digitized for use by designers and creatives of all kinds. In our fast-paced, technology driven world, I love that calligraphy and hand lettering are finding a new home.
When I’m not working with my calligraphy pens or iPad, you can often find me dyeing and spinning fibers for
Camelia Fiber Co, exploring Nashville with my husband and our golden retriever, Lulu, or cooking up
something new in the kitchen.

Welcome! I’m Silbia Ro,
the calligrapher and creator behind House of Modern Letters

embracing the beautiful imperfection of fallen leaves, deckled edges, incomplete sketches, or even splattered ink. The authenticity of simple, minimal aesthetics has always brought me a sense of peace, and I hope to pass this on in my work.



Even though my work culminates in a digital file, I often begin by exploring elements of design with my hands.
When I pick up my pen, feel the texture of the paper, or open a new pot of deeply toned ink, I feel connected to
my work, my inspiration, and to the people for whom I am creating. I love helping to create beautiful design,
beautiful moments, and hopefully - beautiful memories that will last for years to come.


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