There's nothing like the look of ink and quill on fine paper, but how often are our brands actually on paper these days?

We're taking heirloom-quality, classic calligraphy into the Digital realm, offering VIP access to an online library of optimized lettering for your website and social media - because you don't need to be the one to stroke the letters, you're busy doing what you do best!



As a response to the growing trend of including classic lettering in modern marketing, HOUSE OF MODERN LETTERS allows the creative entrepreneur to focus on what you do best, giving you freedom from learning a new skillset, but the ability to incorporate beautiful calligraphy into your business. 


We believe classic calligraphy still has a place in modern culture - and it's not just at weddings. 
Which is why we provide a library full of fancy, ink and quill gone digital, to ensure that calligraphy remains a relevant part of tradition.