1. How often will the shop be updated?

Each month, we will update the library with 30 new digital files for download. Older selected images will remain available in the library 'collection.'

2. Where and when can the files be used?

The library files can be used for your personal or business social media (Instagram, Facebook, blogs, newsletter or website) so long as they are not used in conjunction with items that are for sale (on the same post or on the item listing).

3. I would like to use these files to print items for my own events. Can I do this?

YES! They are perfect for this! You can use them for birthday parties, baby showers, gift wrapping and so much more!

4. Can the files be used on products that are for sale?

No, they cannot be used on anything that will be sold (like an ebook, invitation, stationery, cards, free desktop download, prints, etc)

5. Do I need to give credit when using the digital files?

No. It is not required that you give credit, but if you would like to, that would be very sweet.


6. What's the difference between regular membership and the VIP membership?

Regular membership will have access to the 30 new digital files every month. 
The VIP membership will have the same access as regular membership plus 6 custom words each month. 

7. Can I be a VIP member?

VIP access is limited. But please let us know you're interested via the link below, and sign up for our newsletter to hear about VIP openings. 

8. Can I use the files to overlay my own images? 

Yes. Files will be available in both JPEG and PSD files. You can use the PSD files to create layers with your own image.